Anti-Spam Policy

We consider email unsolicited if the recipient has not given clear, explicit permission to the sender to receive email from that sender. Thus, we prohibit our customers from using purchased, shared, traded, or appended lists. All of our customers are required to comply with this policy. If we discover customers are sending unsolicited email, they are terminated from our service.


Student/Member Agreement

Flexlearn have a zero tolerance policy to unsolicited emails and SMS messages (spam). We require that all clients certify that they will only use the Flexlearn service to send emails and/or SMS messages to customers and prospects that have explicitly consented (opted-in) to receive emails and/or SMS messages from them. If we determine that a client is using our platform for spam, we will terminate their service immediately. We do not buy or sell mailing lists nor endorse the use of purchased, rented, or harvested mailing lists by our clients. In addition, our clients may not use misleading, false, or deceptive subject lines or “From” addresses.


Mandatory Unsubscribe Instructions

All emails sent through Flexlearn must contain clear instructions on how recipients may unsubscribe or modify their preferences. A link (CC Unsubscribe) making it possible to opt out from receiving emails from the sender must be included with every email. By clicking on this link, recipients automatically remove their email addresses from the mailing list and will cease to receive emails from the sender. An unsubscribe request using a Flexlearn Unsubscribe link is processed instantly and recipients are automatically quarantined. In the event of an external unsubscribe link processed by the sender, we require all clients to process the opt-out within 48 hours.

Should a recipient have a particular unsubscribe request (e.g. unsubscribe from more than one sender), the Flexlearn Abuse team can be contacted at


Spam Reporting

If you believe you may have received an unsolicited commercial email or SMS message from Flexlearn on behalf of any of our clients, please forward the email to including full details of the “from address” or sender of the email or SMS message. We thoroughly investigate any complaint. If the email address or telephone number of the complainant is known, we will immediately unsubscribe it from the relevant client mailing list.

In addition, you may report the message to any spam reporting entity, use the “report as spam” function of your email provider (AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.), or work with anti-spam blacklist groups. We regularly collaborate with ISPs and anti-spam blacklist groups to address spam-related issues.