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You have come to the right place. Flexlearn will not only recruit quality apprentices but will train them for you. We are accredited and on the SFA’s Register of Apprenticeships Training Providers offering work-related courses and apprenticeships training across the UK. If you are an Employer and you are looking for solutions to your Apprenticeships Recruitment and Training, Staff Training, Apprenticeship Vacancies, Staff Recruitment? Flexlearn is your one-stop solution for all things Apprenticeships recruitment and training. Contact us today, we will be more than happy to help.

Developed a skilled, motivated and qualified workforce

Apprentices made conscious deliberate decision and commitment to learn on the job, therefore they tend to be generally very keen, driven, adaptable and loyal to the company that put faith in them.

Increased productivity and your bottom line

As an Employer, apprenticeships help you develop the specialist skills your staff need to keep pace with the latest working practices in your sector thereby improving productivity and competitiveness.


Apprenticeships offer you the chance to recruit young, motivated employees who are usually eager to learn. Employers can mould Apprenticeship talents in the way they want with apprenticeships. Through this they become more loyal and dedicated

Reduced Cost of Recruitment and Training

Hiring apprentices is more cost effective than hiring experienced staff, 53% of businesses say they benefit from lower recruitment costs and 59% from lower training costs due to their apprenticeship programmes.

How We Work?

Once we have received your enquiry, our recruitment consultants will clarify the criteria, skills, characteristics and attributes needed for the role. Work with you to develop a job description of the role(s),

Our consultants will review candidate CVs already on our database and also advertised the role on the Government Owned Apprenticeship website to attract as many quality Candidates as possible.

Once we have identified and shortlisted suitable Candidates, we will assess their Maths, English, ICT and other soft skills to identify what other on-going support and training would be required.

Our Consultants will discuss, send you CVs for the most suitable Applicants and arrange for you to interview the Candidates.  This process may take between 5 – 15 working days to source and arrange interview for the right Candidates but we will keep you posted..

Support for Apprentices while in the workplace

We pride ourselves on being flexible with regards to training in the workplace. We will tailor ongoing training and support to meet the needs of your organisation and as well as that of the Apprentice. Majority of our training is delivered in the workplace through a mixture of work based learning, one to one, workshops and e-learning over a period of 12 months.  Our qualified and experienced Training Advisors would provide teaching and learning in line with the apprenticeship standards as well as collating and assessing evidence. Targets are set at every quarterly or monthly meeting and these are SMART with developmental feedback given. We hope for learners to progress at every meeting and this progress is fed back to the Apprentice and their Manager.

Why you should choose Flexlearn for your Apprenticeships Recruitment and Training

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