Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration (Old NVQ)

The level 2 Certificate is great if you work or looking to work in an office administration setting and would like to carry out your role more professionally and effectively.

To be awarded the NCFE Level2 Diploma in Business and Administration learners must achieve a minimum of 45 credits:


  • a total of 21 credits from Group A
  • a minimum of 14 credits from Group B
  • and the remaining credits can come from Groups B,C or D – however a maximum of 10 credits from Group C, and a maximum of 6 credits from Group D can count towards achievement. A minimum of 36 credits must be achieved at level 2 or above.


(There are over 70 units to choose from in the optional unit areas, depending on your role. Please speak to our of course administrator to discuss your requirements)*


Course Content

Mandatory Group A

Unit 01 Communication in a business environment (3 credits)

Unit 02 Understand employer organisations (4 credits)

Unit 03 Principles of providing administrative services (4 credits)

Unit 04 Principles of business document production and information management (3 credits)

Unit 05 Manage personal performance and development (4 credits)

Unit 06 Develop working relationships with colleagues (3 credits)*


Group B optional units (examples)*

Unit 10 Provide reception services (3 credits)

Unit 16 Employee rights and responsibilities (2 credits)

Unit 27 Health and safety in a business environment (2 credits)

Unit 28 Use a telephone and voicemail system (2 credits)

Unit 31 Develop a presentation (3 credits)

Unit 35 Use and maintain office equipment (2 credits)


Group C optional units (examples)*

Unit 36 Using email (3 credits)

Unit 45 Processing customers’ financial transactions

Unit 48 Develop customer relationships (3 credits)

Unit 52 Principles of digital marketing (5 credits)

Unit 55 Know how to publish, integrate and share using social media (5 credits)

  • All candidates must be 16+ years old
  • Must already be working or able to volunteer in an office setting

The Level 3 Diploma in Business and Administration

5 – 6 months

Blended – Workplace Assessments (Paid/Voluntary Work Placement Required), Online and Tutor Support

Was £1,500.00, now £850.00 for a limited time only.

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